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What’s the best way to get to Ventana?

Once you land in SJO (San Jose Airport), you can take a short commuter flight on Sansa Airlines (about 25 minutes) to either Palmar or to Quepos, and then just a short drive to the development. Another option is taking a scenic drive from SJO to Ventana (3.5 hr drive).

What are the current COVID protocols?
  • Starting April 1, the temporary immigration measures for entering Costa Rica – put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic – are repealed. This eliminates the requirement to complete the epidemiological form known as the Health Pass and the requirement of medical insurance for unvaccinated foreigners.
  • All commercial establishments, activities, and events can operate at 100% capacity.
  • Costa Rica maintains the requirement for the mandatory use of masks, the protocol for washing hands and taking temperatures, as well as compliance with health protocols for each tourist activity.
  • Visit for more information.
Can foreign nationals buy property?

Absolutely.  You can own property outright in your own name or in the name of your corporation. If you are purchasing cash, you will have to establish a corporation.  Our local attorney team can assist with this process.  If you are financing, the purchase will be in your personal name.

How do I become a resident of Costa Rica?

Minimum investment of $150k and the investor resident application process is handled by our trusted immigration attorneys. The full process can take anywhere from 6 moths to two years but once the application is submitted, the 90-day tourist visa will no longer apply.

Do the homes come with appliances?

Yes, there are appliance packages available to be included in the sale price of your home.

Are the homes furnished?

No, they do not come furnished, but upon request, we can provide you with furniture consultants.

Is there a guarantee of the homes?

Homes are guaranteed by the developer for up to one year from closing date.

What are the financing terms being offered?

USA Citizens can apply for a traditional US 30 year fixed mortgage. Restrictions apply. Contact us for more information.

What are property taxes like in Costa Rica?

Current property taxes are 0.25%.

Can I rent my home on Airbnb or VRBO?

Yes, there are no rental restrictions on your home.

Is there a property management company?

We work with preferred partners that can assist with the management of your property including the rental of your home, as well as maintenance.

Can I bring my car & personal belongings to Costa Rica?

Yes…..Costa Rica just passed a new law for residents, or those within the residency application process, that the import tax to US citizens and foreign nationals has been lifted. You can bring up to 3 vehicles (car, boat and/or motorcycle).

How are the schools in the area?

Costa Rica is rated #1 in Latin America for education, with a 97% literacy rate. The Southern Zone of Costa Rica offers many options for children and young adults (Bilingual schools, Montessori, private …. etc).

Are there medical Centers/hospitals in the area?

Costa Rica’s healthcare system is ranked within the top 20 in the world and number one in Latin America. Hospital de Osa is a state-of-the-art facility located about 10-15 mins from Ventana Costa Rica. Medical Center Vargas is located in Ojochal.

Is there Wi-Fi / Internet?

Absolutely! High speed internet and wi-fi are reliable and available throughout the Southern Zone.